Saturday, March 17, 2012

Castleville: Coming Soon - StoneHenge Missions

Unreleased: Stonehenge in 9 Missions

This is a Sneak Peek!
Missions can be changed in order and some content.
We will update you as soon as there is more information or it is released.

It seems, we'll soon have the missions for building this ancient monument Stonehenge Altar, see the sneak peek for these 9 missions below. You’ll have to help The Duke to build this structure which, when completed, will provide a ‘Double XP’ bonus for 1 hour!

The Nine (9) Missions are listed below:

1. A plan without problems
- Cut trees X in your Kingdom
- Break X Rocks
- Clean X grass

2. It's an Elf, or is not a Gnome?
- Take care of X Flores
- Place the foundations of Stone Henge
- Receive X Bonus XP

3. Once and for all
- Make X Blocks of stone
- Go on with the construction of Stonehenge
- Collect X Maps

4. You'll never know
- Make X boiled eggs
- Collect X logs of wood
- Make X Clubs

5. May be huge
- Make X Blocks of Stone
- Have X wooden planks
- Continue with the construction of Stonehenge

6. Defend the Stones
- Make X Swords
- Ban X Beasts

7. This time is the right way
- Reinforce the Stonehenge, continuing with the construction
- Collect X buckets of water
- Collect X Dragon Scales

8. Unbalanced
- Make Pie X
- Continue strengthening the Stonehenge

9. Altar
- Build the altar at Stonehenge

Possible Missions Rewards:

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