Saturday, March 24, 2012

Castleville: Sneak Peak - 6 Missions "SPA Treatments"

Coming Soon!
6 Missions "SPA Treatments"

When you complete the 12 missions with Martha, you will get these new 6 missions related to the new Royal SPA. They should be available very soon and reassure you an increase in your XP and level up! This is a sneak preview. More information will come, as soon as available. Stay tunned! 

Since the missions are still unpublished, both the sequence of tasks and the numbers differ slightly!

Mission 1: Royal SPA
  • Collect coins enough to buy your Royal Spa, beauty does not wait
  • Build the Royal SPA and place in your kingdom
  • Ask for x terry bathrobes to make this place the dream of all girls

Mission 2: Chocolate Delight
  • Complete construction of the royal spa to take care of everyone
  • Prepare chocolate bars to please your new customers

Mission 3: Glory and beauty
  • Visit the Royal Spa several times to show clients its interest
  • Cutting trees to help Raphael attracting women

Mission 4: Hair sad
  • Taking care of flowers and tufts of grass in your kingdom to find the tape of Isadora
  • Mine stones on time to find out if the tape does not get stuck there
  • Cutting trees to see if the tape is not in their branches

Mission 5: Color Blind
  • Get peacock feathers for drawing the ribbon on Isadora poster
  • Get bottles of ink to be used in the peacock feathers
  • Visiting neighbors to see if they have seen the tape of Isadora

Mission 6: A new cut
  • Get spools of cotton to weave a new tape
  • Get Dye bottles to make an Emerald Ribbon equally bright for Isadora herself
  • Cash out from buildings in your kingdom to advertise the new haircut of Isadora

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