Saturday, March 3, 2012

Castleville In The New ZYNGA Platform Beyond Facebook

Released new Zynga Platform, like it was announced as per 1st March 2012. 
Now you can play Castleville using Zynga's new platform. You won't loose a thing!!! Just try it!!! It works faster, that's my opinion:

Castleville Online:


Zynga announced and did it: it is available many of its games to play through its website.

"Today, we're proud to share a new platform for play. The Zynga Platform is designed with two simple goals: more access to the best social games and more people to play with. In a few days we're turning on a beta of which will feature our most popular games: Words with Friends, CastleVilleZynga Poker, Hidden Chronicles and CityVille. Soon after, we will be adding great games from other developers too. "
" is designed to make it easier for you to play with friends."
New features will be offered like the live Social Stream which will enable you to play in real time with your friends and find new ones.  You’ll be able to chat and play live with your friends and a community of players interested in the same games as you.
"We've invested heavily to build a network and infrastructure tuned for delivering social gaming at scale.  We’ve learned a lot about developing, launching, scaling and supporting the most socially engaging play experiences and we're excited today to begin to apply this to a broader set of games."
Today, we're proud to announce the first round of our Zynga Platform partners: MobScience, Row Sham Bow and Sava. 
We're proud to be a part of Facebook's ecosystem and we built to complement their pervasive social graph. will be one of the first sites completely integrated with Facebook which has become the world’s social dial-tone.
Source: Zynga

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