Monday, January 23, 2012

Castleville: Loosing Energy Sent by Friends Due to Refresh Issues

Loosing Energy Sent by Friends, Due to Refresh Issues

Update: At this moment Energy received from friends are not going to the inventory. If you have this problem, please use the link below and complain.

Please send a message to Zynga support if this bug is happening to you. Our portuguese friends did it and Zynga posted in Portuguese the below message (which I translated to English).

"When I use energy received from Friends, I receive an error message, the game needs to be refreshed and the energy is gone!"

This is what is happening:
  1. You receive the energy gifts from friends
  2. You go to inventory for using the energy
  3. and.... these two messages pops up below
  4. You refresh and you lost these energy.

Quoting Zynga Message:

Game needs to be refreshed when using Energy sent by Friends 
Updated 23/01/2012 at 10:39
To all the Princes and Princesses,
It came to our attention that when you use energy received from Friends, the player receives an error message, the game needs to be refreshed and the energy disappears.
We present our apologies for the inconvenience and ensure that the studios are working hard so that this error is resolved as quickly as possible.
No need to send an email to Customer Service but, please click the link below to help our developers to give priority to this The issue and thus improve CastleVille.
Thank you for your understanding, The team CastleVille.

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