Saturday, January 7, 2012

Castleville: Monday - New items and New Quests

This weekend? Yes!!!
New Guard Tower is been released with a new quest line 
Duke Quest - Where's George?

Today Ziffer, the Community Manager from Zynga's Forum, informed that a
New Quest was planned for this weekend, when people were wondering about a NEW GUARD TOWER.

It is already available in the market for players with level 7 or more.

Quoting Ziffer:

"The Guard Tower is for our new Quests we have planned to release in the morning/early afternoon Saturday. It will be unlocked via a Quest Line".

Did you see the new items in The Duke's Kingdom?

Ziffer, Community Manager from Zynga's Forum explained that the new items in THE DUKE's Kingdom will be released for everyone this Monday. This released was delayed due to Kris Kringle Quest.

Quoting Ziffer:

"For those of you wondering, the items in The Duke's Kingdom will be released sometime Monday, not today.

Essentially what took place is we were going to remove the Winter LE yesterday, then realized it would block Users on the Kris Kringle Go Home Quest Line, so we have to leave that in the Market until Monday, at which time it will be switched out for those awesome items in The Duke's Kingdom."

Source: Forums zynga

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