Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Castleville: Stuck in Goal 5- Breaking the Ice?

Help! I can't break the ice to free !

It looks to be some confusion regarding the Goal 5. The Second Date Breaking Ice George Quest:

 "Break George’s Pick out of the ice it is encased in (You need to use an Ice Pick to break the icy shell encasing George’s Tool)". 

This goal is about getting loose George's tool at his side and NOT George himself. For that you still need to:

1. Craft 1 Ice Pick from the Workshop. Be sure not to mistake the Ice Pick for the Iron Pick. 

-Ice Chunks can be found be chopping frozen items. This is not a common item and may take multiple chops

User-added image

2. Locate the Ice Pick in the consumables section of the inventory and select "Use" to activate the Ice Pick. Remember the Ice Pick is a consumable and is exhausted after 1 use. 
User-added image

3. Once the Ice Pick is active (Goal 5 referred above), click on the frozen ice to collect George's Pick.  George's Pick will be the item used to break him free.
User-added image

4. After all quests tasks of the "Second base"  have been fulfilled George's pick can be used at the "Third base" quest to break him free. Good luck!


  1. Awesome blog (: I was wondering if you had any insight on why some of the clothing items are "locked" when I already unlocked them with ten crowns. Help :(

    1. Hi! Thanks! Are you seeing images here? I don't see them, except the first one. Well, about your question, it sounds like a bug. Contact Zynga Support by Email or Chat Live. email is Above in the Menu (Zynga). Live chat, you can click on the same link and then on the left side CASTLEVILLE, choose one of the questions and Chat Live is near the EMAIL (top right).

  2. well I did that and now the Georges Pick is only with "Sell" option , not use: Help how can I get back to using Georges pick that I have already broken free and now is in inventory? I can't proceed: I am stuck