Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Castleville: New Items Ice Collection

Limited Edition Ice Collection now available!
With Yeti's now in game it's only appropriate to have an Ice LE Collection:
It was added some Banners with this collection as well. They are pretty nice, but it appears that if you want the banners to allow you to actually write anything, you will need to spend 9 crowns for all the letters. Not really nice, if you ask me…
Below is a quick overview of all the items available with this limited edition collection:
Yeti LE
You can leave a comment about what you think of this collection.
And enjoy the beautiful extra photos below.
Also, you can leave a comment in Zynga's Official Forum:  Ice LE Feedback Thread.

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  1. You also get the letters in one of the frozen chests but only one letter each so for words with same letters you need to buy for crowns as well.