Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Castleville: Stuck in The Golden Egg Goal Quest

with the 

The Golden Egg Mission
 in the Father’s Love Quest?

In the final quest task, visiting 10 neighbors, some players get the message "You lost your magic" error. Zynga is working on it. First suggestion is click in the support page FIX IT Zynga.

Quoting Zynga's support FAQ's:

"Visiting neighbors to finish Yvette's The Golden Egg Goal quest
Updated 01/05/2012 at 16:22
Players have reported a problem at Yvette's 'The golden egg goal' quest. The final quest task requires players to visit 10 neighbors in order to earn progress. When visiting the 10 the neighbor we discovered a 'lost the magic' message is being prompted. This error message makes completing the Yvette quest impossible.

The CastleVille team has identified the problem and is working on a resolution to address the issue. We appreciate your feedback and will work hard to quickly resolve issues our players report.  You can help by taking the time to click Please Fix on the button below, this helps our engineers prioritize and quickly improve the game play of CastleVille. There is no need to submit an email for this issue."

Others can't complete this mission and also they can't visit neighbors.
"I can't finish my final task of the golden egg.....although not a big deal to me other than I can no longer visit my neighbors without always losing the magic.....there is a glitch this happening to anyone else? HELP!!!!" 

"ok i understand how to finish quest golden egg,go to neighbour Duke kingdom,dont press ok,insted press x,and refresh the broswer with F5.I hope this help" GU-Gamersunite click to read more

Possible Solutions:

1.  Your last neighbor is The Duke

2. When you get the reward message, don't share to the Facebook wall, and instead close the message box (X) and visit another neighbor, for example.

3. If you are getting a message “loading your neighbor’s kingdom” running for some time, try to click in another neighbor on the neighbor tab.

4. Postpone the quest.. you can visit other neighbor without the “lost your magic” message, and when Zynga fix the issue, you can continue the quest.

5. Last resource solution is use crowns to buy the last mission.  Zynga is still not responding to the issue yet, and this solves the pending quest of visiting neighbors.

Source: Castlevillequestslinks

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  1. Visiting the Duke worked for me. I didn't get the golden goose till the next day; I did open up a ticket though. Visiting the duke is the best solution.