Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Castleville: Ice Picks Guide-Save George Quest Line

"Save George" quest line brought as new unlocked gloom areas, a new building, new tools and new recipes. Here will understand the new items that can be craft in the Workshop.

New area has 3 Frozen Chest that the locker only can be broken with a specific tool, and you can see them as upgrades:
  1. Ice Pick
  2. Master Ice Pick (Needs 1 Ice Pick)
  3. Epic Ice Pic (Needs you to use 2 crafted Master Ice Picks)
Basic Ice Pick
Master Ice Pick:
Upgrade for the basic Ice Pick, for crafting you need one basic Ice Pick.
Epic Ice Pick: 
Upgrades the Master Ice Pick, then you need in the recipe 2 Master Ice Picks

For the first task in "Save George" you used the first Ice Pick. 
After crafting one ice pick of each, let's go to break them and find out the rewards:
Frozen chest ice pick

Frozen Chest Ice Pick
Coins, 1 Crown, 1 Love Potion
Frozen chest Master ice pick

Frozen Chest Master ice pick
1 Energy, Coins, 1 Decoration
Frozen chest Epic Ice Pick
Frozen chest Epic ice pick
1 Energy, 1 Decoration, Coins

Gallery of photos:

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