Thursday, January 5, 2012

Castleville: How can I earn some quick coins?

 How can I earn some quick coins?

There are several ways to get more coins. Speed harvesting of crops, having chateau for more coins on the houses, belonging to crews in royal buildings,... Though all this takes time.

Two quick ways:
  1. Collection Box
  2. Collecting in a neighbor with a high income building, for example Ginger House.

Collection Box is a chance box, a kind of lottery - well better, you paid a price (10 hearts) and you can earn a lot or few, never zero.

I did a test to check the result with 15 collection boxes:
  • 2 boxes gave 5000 euros each
  • 2 boxes gave 1000 euros each
  • 5 boxes gave 500 coins each
  • others gave values of 50 coins and still some 100 coins.

The other method is clicking in the Ginger House from a neighbor, when ready. Clicking again in his/her picture to refresh the game. Ginger house is again ready to collect and repeating the procedure 5 times. You will get 125 coins 5 times: 625 coins in total.

Of course the first method is better, but you always can join both. Doing the second and using the earned hearts and buying the collection boxes.

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