Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Castleville: Neighbors Missing Tab

Even the link around in the internet doesn't work NOW!!!!

At this moment, in the Castleville Game, it is not possible to remove neighbors, except if you use that link going around in the internet with the warning "Use at Your Own Risk!"

Here is the Link for Neighbors Tab (Click Here)  that you can look into it, but I strongly suggested don't do anything with it, except if you want to take the risk of having serious problems with your game. Neighbors is an important part of all Zynga games, and I can tell you, if you have problems in this area, your game is over. These screen shoots in this page are from this link (no pictures for privacy terms).

Why can you see this? Probably, because Zynga is working on it and it is not good enough to be released. So, why would you use it?
Good to know that Zynga is working on this tab and soon we will have it in our games. Let's wait !!!

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