Thursday, March 8, 2012

Castleville: Ulrich Forging Mastery Guide

Forging Mastery Guide

 You will get the mastery for your Workshop, once you reach quest 3 of the Forging Ahead quest line. Don't forget that each recipe has its own mastery level.

Ulrich seems like a nice guy and is pretty good with a hammer; now that he's decided to be your new Subject, he'll be around to teach you how to master new and old forging recipes! With each new Mastery Level, you'll get new perks and special rewards! Check out the guide below for more details.

  1. Once you reach the Building a Foundation quest, in the Forging Ahead quest line, Ulrich will start showing you how to master your recipes and Forging Mastery will be unlocked! To get started, click on the Workshop and find a recipe you want to master.

    (The number (0/10) above the recipe to be crafted indicates how many you need in order to reach the next level. The number in the ribbon indicates your recipe's current level.)
  2. Once you have crafted the recipe 10 times, you will reach Mastery level 1 on that recipe and be able to craft it 10% faster!

  3. Now let's keep crafting in order to get Level 2 Mastery on a Level 1 Mastery recipe. For our guide we'll work on Rope. Notice the number "1" above the Rope image in the Workshop, this now shows that 50 items need to crafted in order to reach Level 2.

  4. Now that we've crafted Rope 50 times, we've reached Level 2 Mastery on the item and will receive an extra XP whenever collecting the Rope!

That's all there is to it! Continue crafting more recipes and power up their mastery level to gain additional crafting perks!

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