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Castleville: Bump in The Night Baz Bump Quest Guide

Bump in The Night (1-10)

Baz Bump Quest
Available after completing Lamont Swamp Quest.

Our new Subject, Baz, needs some help restoring his house and getting moved into your Kingdom. Help Baz get situated, and don't forget to collect taxes from his house--no free rent, even for kids.

There are some quite nice rewards: Kid's Swing, Tree House and Giant Trap. This quests ends with Baz excited "I can't wait to see the Giant", so he can use his trap.

1. Trust Issues
  • Place the foundation for Baz's House from your Inventory (Baz's House is stored under the Buildings section of your Inventory once you begin/accept the quest)
  • Complete Baz's House
  • Have 6 Coat of Arms 
  • Rewards: 1,000 Coins, 20 XP

2. Hungry Hungry ...
  • Craft 2 Chocolate Bars (crafted in the Kitchen)
  • Craft 2 Ice Cream (crafted in the Kitchen)
  • Get 3 fresh Bottles of Milk (found by tending adult Cows)
  • Rewards: 1,000 Coins, 20 XP, 1 Kid's Swing (found under the Decor section of your Inventory)

3. Monsters

  • Have 3 Wisp Lanterns (found under the Decor section of the Market)
  • Clear 10 Nature items (clear Grass, Stumps, Roots, etc to complete objective)
  • Chop 20 Trees in Neighbors' Kingdoms (There is a bug here that chop trees is not counting. Try the following: buy a sapling, then super grow, then chop)
  • Rewards: 1,000 Coins, 20 XP 

4. Count Dracula?

  • Have 5 Chicken Meat (found by tending adult Chickens)
  • Have 10 Pails of Water (found by fishing)
  • Have 7 Garlic (found by clicking the Post to Friends button in the quest window or found on the Newsfeed)
  • Rewards: 1,000 Coins, 20 XP, 1 Tree House (found under the Decor section of your Inventory)

5. Big Foot?

  • Have 5 Flour Sacks (crafted in the Kitchen)
  • Have 3 Cotton Cloth (crafted in the Studio)
  • Craft 3 Glue (crafted in the Studio) 
  • Rewards: 1,500 Coins, 30 XP

6. Fish Dinner
  • Have 5 Bass (found from fishing)
  • Have 6 Hard-Boiled Eggs (crafted in the Kitchen)
  • Tend 15 Houses in Neighbors' Kingdoms 
  • Rewards: 1,000 Coins, 20 XP 

7. Creeper Trap
  • Craft 6 Ropes (crafted in the Workshop)
  • Have 20 Wood Planks (crafted in the Workshop)
  • Have 5 Bag of Nails (crafted in the Workshop)
  • Rewards: 1,750 Coins, 35 XP, 1 Giant Trap (stored under the Decor section of your Inventory)

8. Setting the Trap

  • Place the Giant Trap from your Inventory (found under the Decor section)
  • Have 5 Mystery Meat
  • Rewards: 1,750 Coins, 35 XP

9. Baiting the Trap I

  • Craft 5 Saucy Tarts (crafted in the Kitchen)
  • Craft 8 Wood Fences (crafted in the Workshop)
  • Click the Giant Trap to set the Bait 
  • Rewards: 1,750 Coins, 35 XP 

Baiting the Trap II

  • Check on the Giant Trap once it catches something!
  • Rewards: 1,750 Coins, 35 XP

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