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Castleville Guide: Tom's Knight Tale Quest

Tom's A Knight Tale 
Quest Line

Tom is here to show you how all he knows about capturing and banishing Gloom Dragons! You can gain access to this quest line after reaching Quest 4 of Alastair's quest line, The Architects (for the guide CLICK HERE).

Mission 1: What I Do Best
  • Get 1 Gloom Dragon Potion (crafted in the Beastie Laboratory)
  • Banish 1 Gloom Dragon using Myrick's Flask (summon a Gloom Dragon using the Potion, douse the Flames using the Mystical Mind that's crafted in the Beastie Lab, and banish the Dragon using Myrick's Flask)
Rewards: 1500  30  

Mission 2: A Knight's Trial

  • Summon 1 Gloom Dragon
  • Extinguish 2 Gloom Flames using Mystic Wind
  • Fill the Renown Bar
  • Banish Gloom Dragons to fill the Renown bar and earn sweet prizes!
Rewards: 1750  35  

Mission 3: Passing the Torch
  • Get 4 Gloom Dragon Potions (crafted in the Beastie Lab)
  • Collect 8 Dragon Sparks (found from dousing the Houses set ablaze by the Gloom Dragons)
  • Fill the Renown Bar (banish Gloom Dragons to fill the Renown Bar)
Rewards: 3250  65  

Mission 4: Getting Older
  • Get 16 Mystic Winds (crafted in the Beastie Lab)
  • Activate Myrick's Flask & fill the Renown Bar (defeat 8 Gloom Dragons to fill the last Renown Bar. Each Gloom Dragon requires: 
  • 5 Opal, 
  • 2 Chicken Meat, 
  • 8 Bass, 
  • 3 Crucible)
  • Put on the Mythium Armor!
Rewards: 4250  85  


Zynga Official Guide:

In order to become a Knight, you'll need to gain Renown! You can accomplish this by banishing Gloom Dragons. Gloom Dragons cannot so easily be defeated, but with Myrick's Flask, you won't have to use your bare hands, like Tom did.

Banishing Dragons is as Easy as 1, 2, 3!
  1. Summon a Gloom Dragon using a Potion made in the Beastie Lab
  2. Douse the Gloom Flames left by the menacing creature
  3. Capture the Dragon using Myrick's Flask

Banishing Gloom Dragons will increase your Renown--filling up the Renown Bar and earning cool Mythium gear is as easy as that!

Keep in mind that with every Gloom Dragon you banish, you'll earn Mythium, which can be used to activate the Ancient Artifacts found within your realm. Activate these Artifacts to gain more amazing loot!


Q: Quest 4 of a Knight's Tale says to Activate Myrick's Flask, but I haven't gotten a check. Why not?
A: In order to complete this objective, you'll need to continuing banishing Gloom Dragons in order to fill up the Renown Bar. Fill it up by using the Flask to banish the Dragons.

Q: How do I summon a Gloom Dragon?
A: Gloom Dragons can be summoned by crafting the Gloom Dragon Potions in the Beastie Laboratory. Working on Tom's A Knight's Tale quest line will give you access to this recipe. (A Knight's Tale is activated after reaching quest #4 of Alastair's The Architects quest line.)

Q: How do I douse the Dragon Flames?
A: Just click on the building that's aflame and use the Mystic Wind (crafted in the Beastie Lab) to put out the flames.

Q: Where do I find Dragon Sparks?
A: Summon a Gloom Dragon and douse their flames with the magical Mystic Wind to turn it into Dragon Sparks.

Q: Why won't my Myrick's Flask activate so I can banish the Gloom Dragon?
A: In order to banish the Dragon, you'll need to use its flames against it. Summon a Gloom Dragon, and using the Mystic Wind (crafted in the Beastie Lab), you can turn its flames into Dragon Sparks and activate the Flask to banish the Dragon for good!

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