Friday, May 4, 2012

Castleville: Releases Gloom Dragons and Fairy Tale

Release Notes

I think at this time you know the big news: 3 New Expansions, Gloom Dragons, Alastair is back, new items with a Fairy Tale Look (Little Red Riding Hood).

New Spirit Bar was added. I nice improvement is the transparency behind the objects, when in the placing mode.

Here are the Release Notes for today's update:

New Additions:
1) Introduced the Architects Quest Line with Expansions.
2) Added Timed Quest Line for Tom with Spirit Bar.
3) Added Fairy Tale (Little Red Riding Hood) LE to the Market

1) Introduced Transparency so you can see behind objects while placing items (NOTE: this is out to a very small percentage for now and is planned to be ramped to all in the coming days).

Bug Fixes:
1) Corrected error with Pot of Gold displaying improper amount of Coins in Neighbor's Kingdom.
2) Ember no longer ends up stuck in Kingdoms.


Here is a quick preview of what the Little Red Riding Hood LE will have in store for you:





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