Wednesday, May 30, 2012

CASTLEVILLE: Release Notes Unicorn theme

Release Notes: Unicorns
The new theme is "Save the Unicorns" and, as usual, there are new items in the Market. Rainbow flower and Unicorn Skirt are the only items bought by coins. There is one item (Unicorn crossing sign) that cost reputation hearts (30 hearts).

Now Pavilion can be used for Unicorn Parties.

Save the Unicorns so the great Unicorn Migration can begin!

Here are the Release Notes for today's update:

New Additions:
1) Introduced the new Unicornicopia Questline.
2) Added a Unicorn Party.
3) Unicorn LE has been added to the Market (if you are not seeing it yet, check out below for a preview.)

1) World has been changed to accomodate new Questline.

Bug Fixes
1) The Dousing the Flames Quest now counts Stored and Inventoried Moats towards progress.
2) Other miscellaneous text and display errors.

Check out below for a special preview of the Unicorn LE:

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