Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Castleville: Upcoming Missions "All on Fire, All on Flames"

Coming Soon! Quest Line with 11 Missions
"All on Fire, All on Flames"
Are we going to bring a baby dragon to our kingdom? Or maybe we will get experience and we will bring several baby dragons? As you could see by the last post several baby dragons are on the way of our kingdom, with several baby colors. Our new tasks: Hatch the dragon from its egg, nurse it, bring it to sleep, entertain them with Dragon toys and hunt treasures. For now this is the only information. It is not known which character will give us this quest line. More information will come as soon as it is available. Stay tuned!

Be aware that since the missions are still UNRELEASED, both the sequence of tasks and the numbers can be slightly different!

Mission 1 - Burning Dragon Mummy 

  • Place the Dragon Egg from your inventory
  • Chop 3 Trees
  • Get X Silver Ore

Mission 2 - Extinguish the Fire

  • Get 5 Lot of Tips
  • Craft a Cotton Cloth 
  • Place 2 Staves

Mission 3 - Wonder of Nature

  • Collect Taxes from 6 Houses
  • Get 2 Bags of Nails
  • Sell 10 items

Mission 4 - A Domestic Dragon

  • Make a Necklace for your Baby Dragon
  • Get 6 Chicken Meat
  • Buy 5 new decoration to beautify your baby’s room

Mission 5 - Fire Proof

  • Get a Royal Kennel to house your pets
  • Place Flame Building from your Inventory
  • Get 14 Sand

Mission 6 - Dangerous Games

  • Use 2 Potions to summon Wolves
  • Complete construction of Flame Building
  • Get 5 Animal Bones

Mission 7 - The Prodigy Child

  • Craft 3 Bottles of Ink
  • Collect Tax from Yvette's House
  • Tend 10 Flowers

Mission 8 - Walk on Eggsheels

  • Hatch the Dragon Egg
  • Harvest 6 Wheat

Mission 9 - Parental Love

  • Get a Flint
  • Click on the Dragon to give him the Flint and play with him 5 times
  • Craft a Fire Retardant Toy

Mission 10 - Hunt Treasure

  • Click on the Royal Kennel to see the prizes given by the Baby Dragons
  • Give a Toy to fireproof your Dragon 
  • Select an object in your Dragon’s Treasure

Mission 11 - A Golden Baby

  • Give another Toy to fireproof your Baby Dragon
  • Select another object in your Dragon’s Treasure
  • Fish in 3 Neighboring Kingdoms

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