Friday, May 25, 2012

Castleville: Royal Crest Guide

(Official Guide)

Now you can personalize your Kingdom even more by the creation of your very own Royal Crest. Complete GEEZER quests to upgrade your Griffin Statue and unlock new colors, and designs for an even cooler look! Check out the steps below to get started.

CLICK HERE to check Geezers Tasks Guide.
Customizing Your Crest

Customizing your personal Crest is a snap! To get started just click on the new flag icon next to your Kingdom name on the Neighbor bar.

Next, choose your favorite symbol and its color.

Clicking on the Background tab, select your Crest's design and Primary and Secondary colors.

Once you're happy with your design, click on the Save button, or on the Craft Banner button to start using your Crest's design on some Crest Banners for your Kingdom! (See the next section below to learn about crafting Crest Banners.)

Crafting Crest Banners

Crest Banners are a great way to display your Royal Crest throughout your Kingdom and increase your Castle level while you do it. These can be crafted in the Studio and either placed in your Kingdom, or added to most of your Royal Buildings. Remember that Crest Banners that are placed in your Kingdom are limited by your Royal Decoration limit--this limit has been raised for all players! (The Royal Decoration limit doesnot apply to Hanging Banners that are added to Royal Buildings.

Royal Decoration Limit Per Level

1 - 9 = 20 Royal Decorations
10 - 14 = 22
15 - 19 = 24
20 - 24 = 26
25 - 29 = 28
30 - 34 = 28
35 - 39 = 30
40 - 44 = 32
45 - 49 = 34

Upgrading your Griffin Statue/Royal Crest

Each time you complete another set of Keeper's Tasks, you'll gain access to a better Griffin Statue that increases your Castle level! With this you'll also receive more symbols and colors for customizing the ultimate Royal Crest that represents your Kingdom. To get started, just click on your Griffin and then on the Go To Quest button to continue working the GEEZER quests.

Each time you complete a set of GEEZER quests, you'll be able to get a new set (up to 4 sets) that will unlock an upgraded Griffin and other special prizes for your Crest. Complete all 4 quest sets to maximize your prizes!


Q: Where can I find my newly crafted Hanging Banner? 
A: Since the Hanging Banner works like a consumable that increases your Castle Level for the Royal Building you apply it to, it will be stored under the Consumables section of your Inventory.

Q: Will changing my Crest's design change all of my Banners in my Kingdom too?
A: Yes! Once you've adjusted your Crest in the Customize Crest window, click the Save button to apply the changes to all of your Banners.

Q: Where can I craft the Crest Banners?
A: These can be crafted in the Studio.

Q: Nothing is happening when I try to add another Hanging Banner to my Building. Why is that?
A: Only 1 Hanging Banner may be added per building. (Hanging Banners may be placed on most Royal Buildings with the exception of a few, such as the Dungeon or Royal Fountain.)

Q: Is there a limit to how many Crest Banners I can have?
A: The limit for Crest Banners follows the normal Royal Decorations limit for your level. In order to place more Crest Banners, other Royal Decorations may need to be stored or removed from your Kingdom for them to fit. Leveling up increases this limit as well. See the Royal Decoration limit per level chart above for more information.

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