Thursday, May 31, 2012

Castleville: Beacons of Greatness

Beacons of Greatness
Unicornucopia Yvette's Quest Line introduces the Beacons to our Kingdoms! These Beacons yield rewards when activated. To activate  the Beacons takes 1 energy and 1 Mythium (Mythium drops when freeing any item encased in it or when banishing Gloom Dragons with Myrick Flask).

All of them will give you 1 XP, except for the Beacon of Wisdom.

Check below which are the rewards given by each Beacon.

Beacon of Happiness: 6 Energy 
Beacon of Friendship: 28 Reputation 
Beacon of Courage: Wood club, Super Clobber, Gloom Wolf Potion 
Beacon of Creativity: Stone Block, Cotton Thread, Coal 
Beacon of Hope: A Precious Gem (Diamond, Amber, Ruby, Crystal Shard, Aquamarine)
Beacon of Wisdom: 30 XP
Beacon of Generosity: 5000 coins, Collection Box

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