Friday, December 16, 2011

Castleville Workshop Crafting

List of materials needed for crafting the Workshop Items

This list is useful for when you want to prepare the items materials and all your crafting buildings are busy. So you can't see the needed materials. also, maybe you still miss to have a building, so the recipe is locked.

This list,  hopefully will help planning ahead the needed items, so you can finished your quests faster.
  • Collecting the crafted item requires 1 Energy;
  • You are limited up to three (3) workshops in your kingdom
  • Click here to see the Workshop Requirements
  • The list below will be updated as soon as I have more information, for example unlocked items.

Added for "Save George Quest Line"
Basic Ice Pick
Master Ice Pick:  You need 1 Basic Ice Pick.
Epic Ice Pick: You need 2 Master Ice Picks

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