Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Castleville Storage Cellar

Storage Cellar is here!!!

Storage cellar costs 10 thousand coins and it is buildable. If it doesn't come as a pop up in quests, you can see the storage cellar added to your Design Mode tab:

Acquiring a Storage Cellar

To buy this storage, check on the Market below the tab Buildings -> Special (see picture below)
Note: Players will need to reach level 6 to unlock the Storage Cellar. Players can only own 1 Storage Cellar.

Build and Upgrade a Storage Cellar

Then you need a place and start building it.

1st Build and you get 50 storage:

Requirements for upgrade from 50 to 100 storage:

Requirements for upgrade from 100 to 200 storage:

Storing Items
  1. Click on the green design arrow button at the bottom right of the screen to enter Design Mode.

  2. Next, click on the Storage Cellar icon.

  3. Now find an item you'd like to store and click on it.

Placing items from Storage onto your Kingdom

  1. Click on the Inventory button and then the Storage Cellar icon.

  2. Click on the use button to place the item you want.

The Storage Cellar's Upgrade Stages 

The Storage Cellar can be upgraded to hold more and more items. Each new stage holds an increased amount of items and comes with a new look. (To upgrade your Storage Cellar, click on it in the game and acquire the necessary materials.) 

Stage 1 = Holds 50 items

Stage 2 = Holds 100 items

Stage 3 = Holds 200 items

Stage 4 = Holds 300 items

Stage 5 = Holds 500 items

Types of items that can be stored:

There are various items that can and cannot be stored in the Storage Cellar; the graph below shows which ones are which.


Q: Why is the Storage Cellar locked? How can I get it?
A: The Storage Cellar is unlocked once players reach level 6.

Q: I stored some items but can't find them. Where are they?
A: You can find your stored items in the Inventory under the Storage tab.

Q: Am I able to sell the Storage Cellar?
A: No.

Q: Will I need to rebuild buildings that are placed in the Storage Cellar?
A: No. Buildings placed will not need to be rebuilt, however, any buildings with customized colors will resort to their default colors when placed back into your Kingdom.

Q: Why can't I place the Bottomless Pit or other Royal Decorations?
A: Each level that you gain increases how many Royal Decorations you can have in your Kingdom at time. The Bottomless Pit, for example, gives you +5 Castle points, so you will need to store enough of your current Royal Decorations to meet this amount in order to place it.


* The timers on items, such as ponds, houses etc, will not continue to countdown while placed in the Storage Cellar. The timer will be reset once it is placed back into your Kingdom. So houses with a 4-hour timer, for example, that have 2 hours left and are stored will be reset to 4 hours when placed.

* Storing Crafting buildings which are currently crafting an item will be reset when placed back into your Kingdom and the materials and item lost.

Source: Forums Zynga

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