Saturday, December 31, 2011

Castleville Poll: What would you like to find here?

Thanks for voting in this Poll!

Number 1 -  More Quests
The quests are the main reason for this blog. The blog task will be assure that here in this blog:
  • Quests available will be updated
  • ALL QUESTS are included
  • The Menu Drop-Down will detail by quest, so it will be easier for you to find any quest by subject.
Note: After level 24, the number of Quests are few. Let's wait for Zynga to make available more specific quests, like holidays quests.

Number 2 -  Tips and Tricks
Tips - Posts will be done short and simple with some small but useful tips.
Tricks - or cheats - I will post some relevant cheats. Although, this is not a blog to make cheats available. There are out there some IT experts doing wonders, but not here.

Number 3 -  Gloom Areas
There is already one Map with Gloom Areas.

It is been prepared a second map. Though, Gloom areas are very high level (more than level 30) and the information here comes from players. for now the information is still very few. There are rummors that more Gloom Areas are unlocked by level, Castle Points and completed specific Quests.

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