Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Castleville: How Can I Get Alchemist Powder?

Alchemist Powder

OPS!!! I am out of alchemist powder and now it is needed for quests.
Is this happening with you? 
Then you visit neighbors, but this wanted item is not dropping.

Well, it looks like each time alchemist powder is dropping less and less during the visits to neighbors. Try the following:

After a long break (night sleep, for example) you'll receive 8 or 9 Alchemist Powder on the first 10 consecutive visits. Also, there is at least 1 energy drop (1 to 3 energy). This will repeat every eight (8) hours. Then, both alchemist powder and energy will drop greatly and sometimes you visit more than 10 neighbors and not even 1 alchemist powder and maybe no energy also.

Suggestion: Visit at the maximum 10 neighbors each time, every 8 hours

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