Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Isadora Quests

Quests Party Girl 1-11

1. New Scene
  • Move Izadora’s Wagon into your Kingdom (Use the Design Tools to move Izadora’s Wagon)
  • Change your Character’s Outfit to fit the new fall fashion! (Customize your Character any way you see fit)
  • Have 2 Flower Boxes to make your kingdom more beautiful (Market-> Nature)

2. Drab to Fab
  • Tend Flowers 3 time each in different Neighbors’ Kingdoms (Visit Neighbors and click on flowers to smell them)
  • Buy 6 Flowers to add a splash of color to your Kingdom. (Buy Flowers: market-> Wildflowers are cheapest for 50 coins)
  • Have 7 Regal Hoes to tend your new garden (Ask Friends for Regal Hoes or collect them from news feeds or sometimes dropps from fishing activity)
3. Shopping Spree
  • Get with the latest style. Buy a shirt (Customize Avatar)
  • Those pants are so yesterday. Buy a new pair (Buy a new pair of pants in the Market)
  • Everyone looks better in a new hat. Buy one. (Buy a new hat from the Market)

4. BFFs
  • Have 2 Bubbly Grog for Sonja. She does like her drink! (This item can be crafted after you build a Kitchen. Buy Crafting buildings in the Market.)
  • Feed 10 Animals for Yvette. (if you need buy market->nature).
  • Have 5 pretty Fairy Wings to give to the gal pals (Ask Friends or collect them from the feed)

5. Vay-cay
  • Visit Neighbors 5 times to plan Izzy’s trip
  • Prep for the trip by performing 25 Neighbor Actions (Perform 5 Actions in 5 Neighbors’ Kingdoms)

6. Perfect Pet
  • Have 5 Mystery Meat to lure the Mink (Ask Friends or collect them from the feed)
  • Gather 10 Eggs to feed the Mink (Tend Chickens to gather Eggs)
  • Craft 1 Bedding for Izzy’s new pet (Craft-> Studio, if you don't have buy in the Market - You will need to buy geese to get down feathers for the bedding, It takes a month to grow geese to adults!)

7. Whoops
  • Gather 12 Wool to fix the faux pas (Tend Sheep to gather Wool)
  • Have 4 Wool Thread to sew up the situation (Craft->Studio, or Buy Crafting buildings in the Market)

8. RUI
  • Sell Izadora’s Wine. She doesn’t need it anymore. (In your Inventory, click on Izadora’s Wine to sell it.)
  • Harvest 1 crop each in 8 different Neighbors’ Kingdoms. (Visit 8 Neighbors’ Kingdoms and Harvest a crop.)
  • Have 2 Grape Juices for Izzy (Craft->Kitchen. Buy Crafting buildings in the Market)

9. Scandalous
  • Craft 1 Dye Kit to recolor Izzy’s hair (Craft->Studio, or Buy Crafting buildings in the Market)
  • Buy 1 Hat in the Market to further the disguise (Purchase a Hat from the market)
  • Have 10 Coats of Arms to complete the disguise (Ask Friends for Coats of Arms or get for the feed) 

10. Shunned
  • Izzy could use a loan. Sell 10 Items (Sell Items in your Inventory)
  • Izzy needs a decorating budget. Collect Taxes 15 times (Click Houses to collect Taxes).
  • Gloomy day fund! Do 20 chores in neighbors’ kingdoms to earn Coins and items (Perform actions in 4 other Kingdoms to collect items).

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