Friday, February 3, 2012

Castleville: Baz Bump Appears In Some Players Kingdoms

Some of the players are having Baz Bump in this place.
Lamont Swamp-Duke Quest (Freeing Baz)
Bump in The Night  (Baz 1st quest)

The Castleville subject Baz Bump is the child that appears after a neighbors' visit. It is still unreleased, and everyone looks forward to have him, because it is bringing so many new features and it will bring our Alastair back to action. Baz is the small boy who was turned in to a tree by Faugrimm. Could the arrival of Baz also bring a new trading feature: the Bazaar!? The name certainly suggests so.

Baz's House
There are pictures below with the exact location where Baz Bump appears. Those are pictures don't have Baz Bump. Very few had the luck to see him, if you did, please take a screen shot and share with us. Check below the possible Baz Bump introduction quest line (3 missions).  Likes: High fives with George and Fighting the Gloom.

How it looks for most of the players.

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