Thursday, February 16, 2012

Castleville: Events around the Swamp-What is there?

What a busy day in Castleville!!!!!
All swamp information, included.
15th February

Here is a New Quests List and Reference Photos with NEW EVENTS, so you don't get lost. Also, this is a sneak peek of upcoming events, as such as Lamont (see more details at the end)!!!! 
Stay tunned for more news and updates!!!
Mia "Cooking Appreciation" Quest
A new crop was introduced: Magical Beans.
"The Revenge of Rafael" Quest
Gloom fight, maybe to get stronger to help Yvette
(in the opening of Yvette's quest, Rafael is there)
Yvette "Starting Down Swamp" Quest
This is the big quest of the day:
Exploring new Gloom areas, new enemies and several new items.
See the photos below, all new images brought by the new Yvette's Quest:

1st Gloom Area to Explore
1st Gloom Area After Been Explored:
Blue roots all over the place!

2nd Gloom Area available to Explore 
- Graves

2nd Gloom Area After Explored: 
- Graves
3rd Gloom Area Available to Explore 
- Old Crypt

3rd Gloom Area After been Explored: Old Crypt
You gain here two extra farm plots and the Crypt.
Did you notice?
 The Crypt is a Crafting Support Building that produces
 one (1)  Animal Bone, every 12 hrs !

The left side of the 1st Gloom Area to unlock and it's the area more nearby Yvette's Family. This place change a lot!!! There are there two special trees, extremely sad.
This area is only available for exploration, after a quest is complete.
These 2 trees will be cut down during the quest.
Rooted Backpack
Is this worthy?
Requirements are 8 Purify Talismans.
YES! It is WORTHY!  :)
In this area the Gloom is still too powerful.
Saving Lamont's Alastair Quest? And before our sweet child Baz Bumper?
Saving Lamont Quest :
"According to some of the hints contained herein, this quest line should not be released until after the Bazaar feature is added."

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