Saturday, February 11, 2012

Castleville: Mixed links (45 gold bricks included)

Golden Brick Links
11 February 2012
The links below EXPIRE with time, that's the reason of the date. Also there are limits - per person (5 per person by day), per clicks in the link  and per inventory. Fifty people can get rewards from each link. Check in your INVENTORY before collecting, if you are not in the limit and after collecting, check there also if the item was successfully added.

In case of the message "limit collection" or error, please try back later. If you have the message "all claimed" it is because the limit was reached. By time these links also expired! 
Good Luck and enjoy!!!!

Click Randomly!!
Sprinkles             Love cherries           Rolling Pin  

Bottle of milk    Bottle of milk    Bottle of milk    Bottle of milk


3 XP    3 XP    3 XP      3 XP







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