Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Castleville: New Release Notes-Mia Quests, Items, C.Mastery

New Release Notes-Mia Quests, Items, C.Mastery

Together with Mia's Events, Quests and Kitchen Masteries, some new valentine items were added and several bugs fixed. The nicest added item is this chicken that you can buy with coins.

Pecked Chicken: Requires level 6, cost: 20.000 coins and feeds each 24 hours. This chicken gives you 50 coins by each feed.

Mia's New Quests Line:
Food Courtesy-Mia and Duke (CLICK HERE)
Get Cooking-Mia's Quest (CLICK HERE)
Kitchen Crafting Cooking Mastery Guide by Mia (CLICK HERE)

Other Valentine Items added (cost in coins):
- Heart shaped Pond (17.500 coins), and
- Valentine Rug (750 coins),

Note: Be aware these are limited items.

Bug fixed:

- Frozen dead logs can be removed from storage

Below there are the Release Notes from the Zynga's Forum:

Mia is here and it is time for you to become a Master Chef and Mia's Cooking School!

Here are the Release Notes for today's Release:

New Features/Additions:
1) Introduced Mia and the Mia Event Quest Line and Cadence Quest Line.
2) Added Mastery Levels for the Kitchen Recipes.
3) Added a second wave of Valentine's LE

1) Improved resolution on Valentine's Day Dress for smaller body types.

Bug Fixes:
1) Frozen Dead Tree can be removed from Storage.
2) Neighbor Guitar Pick no longer disappears in some instances.
3) Several miscellaneous Bugs and Text corrections.

Here are the additional Valentine's LE Items released today:

Please leave your thoughts and feedback for this Release in the Mia Feedback Thread!

Source: Zynga's Blog

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