Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Castleville: Soon-Rafael and Exploring Swamp Quest

Soon another series of tasks will get into our kingdom, which revolves around the exploration of the swamp. This is a second quest line of three quests lines
(see first quest line CLICK HERE). Third quest will follow the series of Kitchen quests, so you can practice your cooking and masteries.

Since the Missions are still unpublished, it is not possible to give precise figures - the sequence of tasks can also diverge a bit!

Stay tuned for more news!

Mission 1
  • Summoning x Orcs
  • Sell honey x
  • Collect x Belch Ogre's

Mission 2
  • Use x grape juices
  • Ask for x fly swatters
  • Explore the gloom (Swamp)

Mission 3
  • Build a studio
  • Use x charms from the talisman
  • Remove roots in three Swamps

Mission 4
  • Summing x Orcs
  • Ask for x small bottles
  • Harvest x tomatoes

Mission 5
  • Produce purity talismans - studio
  • Use x charms from the talisman
  • Deliver x animals from the swamp

Mission 6
  • Revive x crops in your neighbors kingdoms
  • Cut down x trees
  • Collect x talismans of purity

Mission 7
  • Remove more x roots in the swamp
  • Buy nature items x
  • Explore the gloom

Mission 8
  • Summing x Orcs
  • Collect sand bags
  • Use x fertilizers

Mission 9
  • Use x cleaning flames
  • Use the purifying flame of the dark trees

Mission 10
  • Have x charms of purity
  • Ask for x telescopes
  • Craft x explorations crystals

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