Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Castleville: Build a 4th Workshop...cost 500 Crowns :O

4th Workshop Limited Time
 Costs 500 Crowns

Today some players got a very good surprise and then a bad one.
Good surprise: "Build a 4th Workshop"

Bad Surprise: at the market, "Limited Time: 500 Crowns" 
...... Whhhhhaaaaatttttt????? 5 0 0 C R O  W N S ... :-o :-o :-0 :-0
Maybe I am not seeing right... Looking again ... :-(  :-( ...  :-(  :-( 
YES, I am ... more people saw it.

Well just for you to know that we are not all blind!!! It's really happening!
It's real!!!


Now, talking serious. Maybe Zynga made a mistake adding some extra zeros? I hope so.

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