Friday, February 24, 2012

Castleville: Release Notes for Alliances and Parties Carnival

Hi CastleVille Fans,
It's time to take interaction with your Neighbors to the next level with the Release of Alliances and Parties! Click Here for a special Guide/FAQ on how Alliances and Parties work.

Here are the Release Notes for Today's Release:

New Additions:
1) Introduced the Alliances and Parties Features along with associated Quest Lines
2) Added Carinval LE to the Marketplace

1) Made Hint Text more clear for numerous Quests/Crafts in game

Bug Fixes:
1) The Chef Hat now fits appropriately on smaller Female Body Types.
2) Several miscellaneous Bug Fixes and Text Corrections

Check out the new Carnival Limited Edition Collection linked below:

If you would like post your thoughts/feedback on Zynga's Forum (CLICK HERE), your Feedback helps improve the game.

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