Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Castleville: Soon-Dark and Grave Items and Missions

New Rafael's Quest Line with 15 missions and new items will be released in the next few days - Dark and Grave Theme. New enemies will be presented (see the above picture) and probably new Gloom Potions. These new missions will allow you to explore into a swamp, and who knows if it is not towards our Baz Bump.

Since the missions are still unpublished, it is not possible to give precise figures - the sequence of tasks can also diverge a bit!

Mission 1
Use x Super Punch
Ban x thieves
Collect x wool threads

Mission 2
Collect x royal buildings
Visit neighbors x
Collect X pails of water

Mission 3
Ask for models for x houses
Collect rocks x
Sale x Potatoes

Mission 4
Craft x Hammers
Craft x piece of leather
Sale x carbon

Mission 5
Craft x Tops
Make x leather aprons
Sale x maize

Mission 6
Craft x windows

Mission 7
Summon x Goblins
Summon x creatures in neighboring kingdoms
Produce x wooden boards

Mission 8
Craft X Tapestries
Ask for x thin wires
Feed animals x

Mission 9
X Plant Tomatoes
Fish x times

Mission 10
Use a bottle of flaxseed oil

Mission 11
Craft x iron bars
Craft x Fastening Systems
X Harvest Oats

Mission 12
Ask x pig eyes

Mission 13
Craft x grape juice
Craft x carrot cake
Feed x minks

Mission 14
Find x pig eyes
Construct X buildings and x royal decorations
Explore the dark

Mission 15
Reach Castle level at x
Collect x buildings
Explore the dark, where the smell originates





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  1. ~♥ღ♥~ I cannot wait until the new releases! ~♥ღ♥~ This will be so nice! ~♥ღ♥~