Sunday, December 18, 2011

CastleVille Tips: 50% Bonus Crop Speed

How can you get a 50% bonus crop speed?

This is especially useful for those who need more coins, want to level up or you just need crops to be harvest quicker (for example for completing a quest).

There are two main methods: 1) using rivers, 2) using pumps:
Method 1: with rivers
To get 50% crop bonus speed, set up as shown in the picture Method 1. Make sure the river is a "solid" river. If you place two river sections a square apart, they will LOOK like a connected river, but there's really a space in between that doesn't COUNT as a river tile for irrigation purposes.

You can experiment with it yourself. The growth time goes down by 10%, 15%, 20%, 25% and so on all the way up to 50%, depending on how much water you have around your crops.

For a limited time, you can gift river sections. Gift them to your buddies, and if they autogift you back, you get lots!


Method 2: with pumps, more crops in less space
Another method is the picture 2, after unlocking the pump. When you move your crops you can see which speed will apply to that crop in that place. This method demands less space use and the results are easier to reach. Below it is shown the message that pops up when you move a crop, this is still in a construction for this method and it is tried a combination rivers and pumps.

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