Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Castleville: Unreleased Quest - An Irish Jig

Unreleased Quest:  An Irish Jig

More St Patrick New 3 Missions sneak peek.

Since the missions are still unpublished, both the sequence of tasks and the numbers differ slightly!

Start the preparations! Updates will come as soon as it is released. Stay tunned for more news.

1. The Wearing of the Green
  • Buy a St. Patrick's Day costume to put yourself in the mood
  • Wear the new costume

2 . Exterior Decorator
  • Buy a St. Patrick's Day decor item
  • Collect taxes from x houses to announce the new decoration

3. Interior Decorator
  • Get x Apple Slices to craft Saucy Tarts for Quinn
  • Buy 1 new animal to find the ingredients
  • Prepare 2 Saucy Tarts for Quinn

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