Thursday, April 26, 2012

Castleville: Crafting Mastery Level 3 Reduced!

Crafting Mastery Level 3 Reduced!

(250 crafts to 100 crafts!)

Mastering your favorite Recipes just got easier! Reaching that final Mastery Level and gaining a special reward with each craft time, now requires fewer crafts. Level 3 Mastery on all items has been reduced from 250 crafts, to only 100 crafts!

Amount of Crafts Required to Reach Each Mastery Level

Level 1 = 10

Level 2 = 30 

Level 3 = 100


Q: Why are my Level 3 Recipes showing an odd number, and that I only have Level 2 Mastery instead of 3?

A: If you have already mastered recipes to Level 3, the amount of crafts required will appear reduced, while your craft amounts the same as before. This difference can be fixed after crafting the recipe 1 more time, as shown below.

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