Monday, April 9, 2012

Castleville: Released the 4th Workshop

The 4th Workshop
The biggest surprise is the cost: 2000 Coins. The requirements for construction are higher, than the first three workshops: 40 Wood Planks, 10 Gold Bricks, 15 Bellows and 10 Anvils (CLICK HERE for Crafting Buildings Guide).

Check below the details, and contact Zynga if you don't receive soon this feature.


  1. The requirements for construction are a little higher, than the first three workshops.
    THAT is an under statement~~90 hours of crafting~~~for anvils~~~ really?

    Then 40 wood planks...better have LOTS of neighbours for this too.

    1. I took out the "little" word. Sorry! I am such a high level and I have all of it. For me it is a question of 1 day and I manage to have it all.

  2. Dear Maria,

    I forgot this was an independent page,because it is so well done and helpful.

    I am so sorry for directing my criticism toward you.

    Many of us are frustrated with Zynga, especially after the "masked egg" debacle.

    Although when you contact them they assist, you would think they would craft their missions that are not related to the level of play one has achieved, to the capability of the majority of players.

    Even though I have 65 neighbours, I'm on day 2 of begging to get the 40 wood planks AND begging for "stones" to craft the anvils, while I have 3 workshops that make stones and have been crafting stones in the workshops on a regular basis.

    1. No problem! Thanks for the compliments. :) And yes, this blog is done by me, with the support of a group of players. All of us are players like you. Team work, my computer knowledge and availability for games, it makes this blog possible. Zynga can have lots of bugs but they try to be helpful and they are the best in this area (Facebook Social Games). I have near 300 neighbors, but my bar only shows 150 neighbors (Another bug). For these requests I have 300 people :)