Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Castleville: Coming Soon - Tom in the Dragon's Skin

Coming Soon!
Tom In the Dragon's Skin (1-11)
Yes, Tom's House is coming and Tom is preparing a Dragon's Hunt. This is one step further towards Ember, the Dragon. Maybe Tom is going to help our little Baz and that's how they become friends (as we see in the picture visiting friends).
No! For those waiting for expanding to the gloom, this is not it!

Check below the upcoming quest and prepare yourself:
Be aware that since the missions are still UNRELEASED, both the sequence of tasks and the numbers can be slightly different!

1. A New Resident
 • Collect taxes from Royal Buildings x times
 • Tend x flowers
 • Feed x animals

2. Tom Again On His Feet
 • Place the foundation of Tom's House in your kingdom
 • Collect materials to build Tom's House
 • Collect taxes from Tom's House

3. The Dragon's Sleep
 • Get x parts to make a thick mattress
 • Collect x Red Feathers to make a pillow
 • Collect x Alarm Bells to wake up and start your Dragon Day

4. A Dragon's Appetite
 • Collect x Chicken Meat, Dragon's favorite food
 • Fish for x Bass
 • Tend 5 Sheep - Dragon's gourmet

5. A Dragon's Treasure
 • Collect taxes from x buildings
 • Gather x Silver Ore (Mine rocks or collect from Mine Camps)
 • Visit x Neighbors

6. The Dragon - Misunderstood Poet
 • Collect Yvette's house taxes to learn her poems
 • Visit x Neighbors
 • Collect x Animal Bones to recite poems as Hamlet (Collect from the Crypt, Kill Gloom Wolves/Rats or request from friends)

7. A Damsel in Distress?
 • Drink x Bubbly Grogs to stimulate your breath (Craft > Kitchen)
 • Gather x Flaxseed Oil to breath fire (Craft > Kitchen)
 • Gather x Wood Logs to test your fiery's breath (Chop trees or request from friends)

8. The Art of Kidnapping
 • Collect x Bicarbonate of Soda to freshen your breath (Ask friends)
 • Have x Training Dummies (Craft > Studio)
 • Harvest x Wheat

9. A Noble Quest
 • Craft x Hard Boiled Eggs for Tom (Craft > Kitchen)
 • Harvest x Carrots for Tom
 • Buy x Pine Saplings to mark Tom's arrival (Market > Nature)

10. The Flight of the Dragon
 • Collect x Red Feathers to make wings
 • Craft x Wood Planks to strengthen your wings (Craft > Workshop)
 • Mine x Rocks

11. I'm An Early Riser, I'm Hurt
 • Craft x Wool Thread to heal Tom's wounds (Craft > Studio)
 • Collect x Ice Chunks to ease the pain (Request Friends)
 • Craft x Saucy Tarts to cheer up Tom (Craft > Kitchen)

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