Friday, April 13, 2012

Castleville: Queen's Well

Queen's Well

Zynga added to the Market a DECORATION that gives CROWNS! Down-side is that you need a lot of crowns to buy it, also. Don't buy this fountain for now. Let's wait to see if this fountain will be a reward from a quest line (Check Here).

After you place the Queen's Well, and collect the first time, this decoration will give you crowns for 1 complete year. Then, you will need to renovate or you may choose to keep it as a simple decoration.

Each 5 days you can collect from the Queen's Well.


Cost: 360 Crowns
Collectable: Each 5 days 
Possible Crowns: 720 crowns
(1 year, collecting each 5 days) 


Q: What if I don't collect from the Queen's Well each 5 days?

R: Each time you collect from the Queen's Well you receive 5 Crowns, as you do it after 5 days or 6 days. Though, in the period of one year time, your collection on times and value will be smaller, if you don't do it each 5 days.

Q: When completing one year, could I still keep the Queen's Well?

R: Of course! When one year is completed, you will have the option to renovate the crowns, or to keep it as a decoration.

Source: Castleville Brazil

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