Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Castleville: Coming Soon 10 Missions Fabolouseggs Dragons

Coming Soon!
FabulousEggs! (1-10 Missions)
New 10 missions are coming soon to Castleville! It's is exciting because it will be the first appearance from a special new character - Ember the Dragon - and finally coming to our kingdom.

Be aware that since the missions are still UNRELEASED, both the sequence of tasks and the numbers can be slightly different!

Mission 1. The Chicken or the Egg
  • Chop x trees to build the Egg-Holder
  • Mine x rocks
  • Place the Egg-Holder from your inventory

Mission 2. Eyes in the Eggs
  • Prepare Grape Juice to drink during all this research (Craft > Kitchen)
  • Take care of x animals to study
  • Obtain scientific journals (Ask Friends?)

Mission 3. Unicorn's Egg
  • Fish x times in your neighbors kingdoms
  • Take care of x Flowers to find friendly forest creatures
  • Prepare ice cream, to eat like a unicorn and so think like a unicorn (Craft > Kitchen)

Mission 4. Unicorn's Nest
  • Take care of x animals
  • Harvest x wheat plots to keep the egg warm
  • Build the Unicorn nest

Mission 5. Unicorn's Birth Nest
  • Get x pails of water, for rainbows in the sky
  • Gather x berries
  • Craft x glue tubes

Mission 6. Here's My Crying!
  • Collect taxes from x houses for funding the research
  • Clear x nature items of your kingdom, not to offend the griffins
  • Feed x sheep

Mission 7. Zen Attitude or Art Decor
  • Make a nest egg for a giant dragon
  • Obtain x sets of plans on the interior design and Feng Shui to meet the griffins (ask Friends)
  • Get x cowhides for elegant furniture Gryphon

Mission 8. Sacred Fire

  • Get x wooden clubs to protect us
  • Craft Fireproof Leggings to protect the rear of the Royal Duke
  • Place x bushes to hide behind

Mission 9. Dragons in Peace
  • Gather x dragon scales to simulate the contact of a mother dragon (ASk Friends)
  • Have x Milk bottles just in case they come in hand.

Mission 10. Critters Super-Hunt
  • Have a Dragon potion to summon
  • Use a Dragon potion to summon the creature, as a test
  • Check dragon's anger and hunt down the dragon

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