Thursday, April 19, 2012

Castleville: Official Pet & Treasure Hunting Guide

Official Pets & Treasure Hunting Guide
Treasure. Treasure everywhere!

But before you can get started on finding it, you'll need some help from your furry companion. Let's get started with raising your new puppy!


Adopting A Puppy!
1. Build a Regal Kennel 
The first step in adopting a new Pet is to build a Regal Kennel (found under the Buildings section of the Market).

2. Adopt a Puppy
Next, adopt a Puppy by clicking on the new Pets tab in the Market and select your new friend. (In order to exchange or select a new Pet, click on the Regal Kennel and then click "Check In" to store your currently-selected Puppy, or click "Select" to choose a different one)

Name your new puppy something cute and awesome!
Treasure Hunting!
There are numerous new items that can be crafted, but require special Materials found only from Treasure Hunting. In order to Treasure Hunt, we'll need to make sure your new Puppy is happy and up to the task. Fill up your Puppy's Happiness Meter by playing with her. 
In order to fill this meter and make your doggy happy, you'll need to play with her. Click on her to bring up the menu below. 
Give your puppy a Ball and click on her each time to raise her Happiness Meter. Once it's full, she'll search your Kingdom for hidden Treasure! Or, you can instantly raise her Happiness Meter by giving her a Chew Toy (crafted in the Studio).

Crafting Pet Prizes
Now that you've got a professional Treasure hunter, you'll be able to start crafting all sorts of fantastic new prizes! To see the list of Pet Prizes, click on the Regal Kennel to see the menu below.

Clicking on the Pet Prizes button in the Regal Kennel (shown above), will bring up a menu showing the new Prizes. Each special Prize contains a Material that can be found from Treasure Hunting. Click on the Go to Crafting button to begin. 

Pet Prizes Crafting Materials Guide

Q: How do I go on a treasure hunt with my puppy?
A: Once your raise your Dog's Happiness Meter, you'll be able to find Treasure! Do this by playing with your dog, or giving her a Chew Toy.

Q: How do I play with my Puppy?
A: Clicking on your Puppy should bring up a window where you can give her a Ball. Once you give your Pet a Ball, play with your Pet by clicking on her.

Q: How do I store my puppy in the Kennel?
A: Click on the Regal Kennel and on the click "Check In" button to store your currently-selected Puppy. Click "Select" to choose a different one.

Q: Where can I find a list of all the special Pet Prizes to craft?
A: You can find this by clicking on the Regal Kennel and then where it says Pet Prizes beneath the Pet that is currently selected. (Note: you will need to adopt a Pet, and have placed in your Kingdom to see the the Prizes.)

Q: How do I rename my Puppy?
A: Just click on the Regal Kennel, and then on your pet's name above its picture. If you have multiple Pets, click on the select button in order to choose the one you want to rename.

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