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Castleville Guide: Skippy's New Place Quest

George's Quest
Available Above Level 27and 
Completed Quest #6 of George's A Pet for George Quest Line.
George, the miner, returns with a new quest line and he brings Skippy and a Royal Garden. In fact this story is about this small rock, “who” will be looking for his own place. At the end, Skippy finds his new place. For this quest, you need to have 2 other royal buildings: Conservatory and Cathedral. If you don't have them, start building them now.

Is George going to be alone again? Give us your opinion.

Check below the quest line that is going to be released very soon:

1. Pet Rock Blues
I am worried about poor Skippy. For a rock, he doesn't seem to enjoy the Mine much. Maybe he just needs a little attention.
  • Feed Skippy 2 times
  • Have 5 Sand (They drop for when fishing)
  • Buy 2 Flowers and place them
2. Fountain Mount
Skippy's never had a job before, so let's pick something easy. Maybe he'd enjoy being a landscaping rock
  • Have 1 Royal Garden with a full crew in your Kingdom. Skippy loved the Royal Gardens... the royal pigeons, not so much.
  • Gather 25 Pails of Water to water the Royal Garden. Fish in Ponds to gather Pails of Water!  Skippy got all wet when too near the Fountain. See how you like getting wet. Take a Pail of Water.
Fish in Ponds to gather Pails of Water!  Skippy got all wet when too near the Fountain. See how you like getting wet. Take a Pail of Water.
  • Have 5 Compost to keep the Royal Garden blooming.
Compost (Ask Friends)

Skippy's job at the Royal Gardens didn't last long, but we'll try again... somewhere without pigeons.

4. Conserve This
  • Have 1 Conservatory with a full crew in your Kingdom. (Buy the Conservatory in the Market and gather the required materials to build it)
  • Craft 5 Crafted Glass to make the crew at the Conservatory less worried about damage. (Craft > Studio).
  • Tend Flowers 20 times in Neighbor Kingdoms searching for new Conservatory specimens. (Visit Neighbors by clicking on the Neighbor Bar)

Tend Flower 3x

4. Conserve This. Celebrate the Arts!
Skippy would love a job out in nature, but with the comforts of being inside. The Conservatory is the best of both worlds! Poor Skippy didn't even get to apply at the Conservatory. The crew kicked him out while yelling something about rocks and glass houses! The crew of the Observatory got very nervous with Skippy the pet rock sitting so near all of their glass. After the excitement at the Conservatory, Skippy could use a relaxing job. Maybe they'd have a use for him at the Royal Spa!
  • Have 1 Royal Spa with a full crew in your Kingdom. (Buy the Royal Spa at the Market and gather the required materials to build it.)
Royal SPA

  • Craft 15 Cotton Cloth to supply the Royal Spa with linens. (Craft > Studio, own a Tailor.)
  • Have 8 Fancy Hair Combs so the ladies can do up their hair.
 Fancy Hair Combs
(Ask Friends)
Izzy says that the Royal Spa's hot rock massages are amazing. Maybe that could be a job for Skippy! Poor Skippy! He slipped in the massage oil, slid into the pool, and sank right to the bottom! Skippy has been banned from the Royal Spa, but he's still determined to find a job. I'm so proud of the little guy! 
I'm not so sure about this hot rock massage stuff. Where do they put the rock?!

5. One More Try
Skippy needs an indoor job, someplace serene... maybe a Cathedral would have a job for him! 
  • Visit 10 Neighbors to get ideas on how to design your Cathedral
  • Craft 5 Fried Fish to share with the construction crew. (Craft > Kitchen)
  • Craft 1 Angle Finder so we're ready for a lot of serious measuring. (Craft > Workshop)

6. Prep Work
Before Skippy can get a job at the Cathedral, we've got to make sure we have the materials for one! Skippy is starting to get excited... the Cathedral could be the place for him!  The details for the inside can begin while the outside goes up. No need to wait.

  • Have 12 Hammers. There is going to be a lot of hammering going on, for certain. (Craft Hammers at the Workshop or Gather them from an Armory.)
  • Harvest 30 Oats for a lot of breakfasts on this project. (Plant and harvest Oats on Farm Plots.)
  • Have 20 Bag of Nails for the construction, not the doors. (Craft > Workshop, once you have a Blacksmith.)

7. Interior Decor
We wouldn't want Skippy's new workplace to be shabby. Let's make sure the Cathedral is as beautiful on the inside as the outside!
Just keep Skippy away from all that stained glass. Maybe those folks at the Conservatory had a point!
  • Have 10 Gold Bricks so the inside shines. (Craft >Workshop)
  • Craft 3 Stained Glass for beautiful new decorations. (Craft > Studio, own Clockmaker.)
  • Have 8 Lamp Oil to keep the light lit all night. 
Lamp Oil
(Ask friends)

8. Interior Decor
Really special Cathedrals have tapestries on the interior walls that tell the story of the Kingdom. We've certainly got some stories to tell!
Skippy picked out the tapestries. Who knew he had such keen interior design sense?
  • Craft 3 Ornate Tapestries for the walls. Embroider stories into their scenes that even George can follow. (Craft > Studio)
  • Craft 12 Ropes to help hang these Ornate Tapestries from the walls. (Craft > Workshop)
  • Have 30 Berries. The Tapestry embroiderers want them, maybe for thread color. (Tend Tree Roots, Ferns, and Bushes to gather Berries.)

9. Story of My Life
The Cathedral is almost ready for Skippy's big debut! The Cathedral is certainly impressive. But will the visitors be impressed by Skippy?
  • Have 1 Cathedral with a full crew in your Kingdom. (Buy the Conservatory in the Market and gather the required materials to build it.)
  • Collect Taxes on the Cathedral to help pay for construction. (Click on it)
  • Craft 8 Grape Juice for Cathedral events. (Kitchen)

10. Holey Place
There's just one piece of the Cathedral missing... Skippy! Skippy is a hit with the Cathedral visitors. They love to pat his head for luck!
  • Move Skippy 1 time. George wants him outside the Cathedral. (Enter Design Mode, select Skippy, and move him to a new location.)
  • Craft 10 Candles to light the way for Izzy. (Craft > Studio. Own a Studio and a Tailor. Buy Crafting buildings in the Market.)

  • Have 6 Sheet Music for the choir. Skippy loves the singing.
     Sheet Music
(Ask Friends - 6 )

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