Saturday, June 30, 2012

Castleville: Upcoming Theme - CURSE

Coming Soon!
Curse Theme ... Everyone and everything in our Kingdom is going to be CURSED!!! Kathleen, Quinn, animals, and even Jacques island! Also quests will tell stories about cursed characters (Quinn) and cursed precious stones (Kathleen). Voodoo Craft is coming also? It looks like it! Some witchy recipes and books. New buildings and costumes also. 
Check below the sneak peek images.

Kathleen Upcoming Quest: On The Lam

Kathleen has stolen a precious gem from her village. It seems this gem is cursed and she was trying to protect her village.  Once more one of our dear characters need our help and we will do it in 10 missions. 

You will get this quest line by Kathleen. This quest will be available as per Level 25 (or above) and by the completion of “Inn and Out” Quest line.

Quinn & Hexes
Quinn's Curse

Protect your Kingdom from hexes! Curses are coming!!!
What is happening to Quinn? Well, it seems he got at least one curse on him! Alastair is probably the character that will help Quinn in the Quinn's Curse

And these two poor animals? Wowww! They will be rewards in the Quinn's Curse Quest, as well as two curse hats, a new crypt building and some more (images below).







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