Sunday, June 17, 2012

Castleville Tip: Color Level 10 Royal Buildings

Use a Different Color for:
- Royal Buildings with Level 10
Some friends of mine had this great idea - coloring the Royal Buildings with a different color. Using the Design Mode, chose the paint (same place as the Move and Storage button) and start coloring your Royal Buildings with Level 10. Then, inform your friends about it - posting in a group or a page or simply changing the name of your kingdom for "Red Royal Lv 10", for example. Or "Not Red Royal lv10". Or say which color you want or do NOT want to be tended. Check the images below:

I choose the BLUE to color my royal Building Level 10, and the Kingdom's name "Please click Red Royal":

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  1. I just sell the buildings. The castle number goes down but once I rebuild and restaff I get all the castle back and then I can go thru all ten levels again and get even more castle. No need to change colors at all AND you castle up more. Win-win