Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Castlevile Guide: The Relatively Dimensional Barn Dairy Giovanni Quest

The Relatively Dimensional Dairy Barn
The Duke has a problem with cows. Well, the Duke is frequently running out of milk and if there is something that the Duke loves is just baked cookies with fresh milk. Thought, Duke had to milked cows instead of eating his just baked cookies. Then Giovanni comes in... 

Now, we can help the Duke to have a bigger storage of milk and then he won't run out of milk. We will get the Dairy Barn and a Cow Statue. More new recipes will be added in the game.
At this time the missions were not complete and sneak peek images were added below!

The Dairy Barn will be placed and it is buildable. 

Dairy Barn Construction Materials:
- 8 Iron bars, 8 Gold Bricks, 8 Cow Blankets and 12 Grease.
There is no image available for the Grease. Probably the cow blankets and the grease will be needed to Ask Friends.

8      -       8       -       8      -      12

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