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Castleville: Archery Tournament Official Guide (Brave)

Archery Tournament Official Guide !!! 
Earning awesome prizes just got more exciting! With Merida around to help you perfect your archery shot, you'll now be able to gain sweet items at the Archery Tournament! 
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Check out the short official guide below to begin!

Getting Started

After you've built the Archery Tent and placed the Tournament Target (gained from quest #2 and #3, respectively), you'll be able to join the Archery Tournament! To begin, click on the Tournament Target and click the Use to Play button on the Quiver of Arrows you'd like to use.

Keep an eye out for the wind conditions after each Arrow that you shoot. The winds are bound to change speed and/or direction, so make sure that your Arrows are shot accordingly. For example, if the wind is blowing left, you'll want to make sure to point the Arrow more towards the right of the Target. Note: heavier Arrows will be less-affected by the wind.

Each time your Arrows hit the Target, you'll receive points towards the next prize! Bullseyes are worth the most points, and getting 3 in a row will earn you a special prize! (See section below.)

Types of Arrows:
Merida mentions that the heavier the arrow, the less affect wind will have on it while it's being fired, and the better chance of it hitting the bullseye! So make sure that you're well-equipped by crafting the Quivers in the Archery Tent. Unlock all 4 types by completing Brave quests.

1st Round of Prizes

Rock with Wisps = 30 Points

Celtic Horse = 80 Points

Forest Den = 200 Points

More Archery Tournament Prizes

Once you've earned the 3 prizes above, you'll be able to go after even more prizes! Put your archery skills to the test and earn Mystery Boxes which contain many more fantastic items!

Bullseye Rewards:

Bullseyes don't just earn the most points for Prizes, but if you score 3 bullseyes in a row, in one session, you'll receive a Treasure Chest!(Note: All 3 Arrows in one play must hit the bullseye in order to receive the Chest.) 


Once you've hit all 3 bullseyes in a row, you'll find your Treasure Chest in the Decor section of your Inventory. Place the Chest in your Kingdom for decoration, or click on it once placed, to receive your rewards!

I earned a Mystery Box, but where can I find it?
The Mystery Boxes are stored under the Consumables section of your Inventory. Clicking on it there will open the Box, reveal what you won, and then place it in the appropriate section of your Inventory.

How do I earn a Treasure Chest? I hit several bullseyes.
In order to win a Treasure Chest, you'll need to be able to hit 3 consecutive bullseyes using the 3 Arrows in a single play.

How do I unlock more types of Quivers and Arrows?
A: The different Quivers with their Arrows can be unlocked by completing the Brave quests.

Does the ability to use the Archery Tournament expire? 
Unlike the expiration time on the quest line, the Archery Tournament does not expire, and can be used whenever you like, but make sure to complete the quests in order to unlock all of the Arrows!

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