Friday, June 8, 2012

Castleville: Mystery Boxes-Archery Tournament

Mystery Boxes (Archery Tournament)
The mystery boxes are rewards in the Archery Tournament introduce by the quest line BRAVE, so don't buy it in the market (they cost 5 crowns). You can sell them by 40 coins, though it is always nice to discover what they can give you and maybe you will get a special item that is no longer in the market.

USE THEM, TO GET SPECIAL REWARDS!!! See below what they can offer you:

1 Frozen Cow

1 Rabbit Hutch

1 Astrolabe

1 Amythite Tree

4 White Picket Fence

6 Gold Tiles

1 Pink Mink


1 Greenhouse

1 Amythite Horse
1 Kissing Booth

1 Floral Swing

1 Amythite Duck

1 Critter Den

1 Titania

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