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Castleville Guide: The Relatively Dimensional Dairy Barn Quest (Duke)

The Relatively Dimensional Dairy Barn 
(1-9 Missions)
Duke Quest
Start storing your cows in the Dairy Barn and get milk from several cows by collecting from this building. As it was mentioned before (click here to go to the post about Dairy Barn), The Duke is running out of milk and Giovanni is going to help him. 

Check below the complete quest guide.

Be aware that since the missions are still UNRELEASED, both the sequence of tasks can be slightly different! Numbers are unknown, at this moment.

1. Crazy Over Cows
  • Mine 4 Rocks to search for stray Milk bottles.
  • Have a Storage Cellar to stock up on Milk. (Get a Storage Cellar in the Buildings tab of the Market.)
  • Tend 2 Cows to collect Milk for the Duke. (Click on Cows in your kingdom)
  • Rewards: 1000 Coins, 20 xp

2. Cowa-Bungalow!
  • Place the Relatively Dimensional Dairy Barn to get started. (Find the Dairy Barn in your Inventory.)
  • Collect 6 Pails of Water for your cows.
  • Have X Salt Licks to keep your cows happy. (Ask your friends)
Salt Licks (Ask Friends)
  • Rewards: 1000 Coins, 20 xp

3. Demanding Supplies
  • Clear 3 Grass to help feed your Cows.

  • Harvest 10 Carrots. The cows aren't the only ones who need supplies.
Harvest 10
  • Craft 2 Cow Treats to fill the cows with delight when they enter their new home. (Craft > Kitchen)
  • Rewards: 1500 Coins, 30 xp

4. Relatively Dimensional!
  • Complete your Relatively Dimensional Dairy Barn. (Click your Dairy Barn to discover how to complete this masterpiece.)
  • Visit 3 Neighbors to spread the word of the Relatively Dimensional Dairy Barn.
  • Feed 10 of your animals so they don't get jealous. (Click on an animal in your Kingdom)
  • Rewards: 1750 Coins, 35 xp

5. Feed the Beast
  • Have 6 Adult Cows stored in the Barn. (Design Mode, select the Storage Tool and click on a Cow to put it in the Dairy Barn)
  • Craft 4 Saucy Tarts. The Duke is a nervous eater. (Craft > Kitchen)
  • Banish 2 Gloom Wolves to make sure that your new Dairy Barn is safe and secure. (Click on Beasties to Banish them.)
  • Rewards: 1750 Coins, 35 xp

6. Cow-Catcher
  • Craft 2 Sweet Milk Pies because the Duke is still hungry. (Kitchen)
  • Use your Barn to milk 10 Cows. (Click on the Dairy Barn to collect from it.)
  • Have 5 Fruit-Filled Munchies to satisfy the Duke's hunger. (Ask friends)
5 Fruit-Filled Munchies (Ask Friends)
  • Rewards: 1500 Coins, 30 xp

7.  Bringing Up the House
  • Harvest 7 Grapes to help calm the Duke.
  • Craft 5 Ropes to help keep the Dairy Barn together. (Workshop)
  • Craft 4 Hard Boiled Eggs to keep up your Energy! (Kitchen)
  • Rewards: 1500 Coins, 30 xp

8. Happy Cows?
  • Collect 10 Milk Bottles to make certain your Cows are still alright. (Click Cows or Dairy Barn)
  • Craft 3 Leather to check on your Cow's health. (Studio)
  • Have 14 Magnifying Glasses to inspect the Cows for signs of unhappiness. (Ask friends)
Magnifying Glasses (Ask Friends)
  • Rewards: 1750 Coins, 35 xp

9. How Now, THAT'S a Cow!
  • Craft 5 Popcorn for extra Cow-milking Energy. (Kitchen)
  • Use your new Dairy Barn to collect 10 Sticks of Butter for the Duke. (Your Dairy Barn has a chance to produce Butter! However, the Duke won't mind if you make it yourself)
  • Craft 4 Sweet Milk Pies to celebrate your new Dairy Barn. (Kitchen)
  • Rewards: 1750 Coins, 35 xp, 1 Cow Statue

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