Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Castleville: Coming Soon! Sharp-Dressed Men Izadora Quest

Izadora Quest
Released! Sharp-Dressed Men

Izadora is trying to come up with the Next Big Thing in Fashion and she got all stressed out. Luckily she has you to rescue her and cooling her down! Everyone is helping and at the end Izadora has a very successful with her Men's Clothes Line.

Check the sneak peek for these 10 missions of Fashion. 

Be aware that since the missions are still UNRELEASED, both the sequence of tasks can be slightly different! Numbers are unknown, at this moment.

Mission: 1 of 10 - Under Pressure
  • Craft X Berry Smoothie to help relieve Izadora's headache. (Kitchen)
  • Collect X Down Feathers for a makeshift fan! (Adult Geese)
  • Have X Pails of Water. Keep her cool and calm. (Fish in Ponds)

Mission: 2 of 10 - Supplies and Demands
  • Have X Fairy Dust. Glitter is ESSENTIAL. (Ask Friends)
  • Craft X Looms. (Studio)
  • Harvest X Cotton.

Mission: 3 of 10 - By the Seat of His Pants
  • Craft X Leather. (Studio)
  • Craft X Glue. (Studio)
  • Have X Blue Feathers. (Adult Peacocks)

Mission: 4 of 10 - Skirting the Issue
  • Craft X Fasteners. To, er, keep the breeze out of his kilt. (Studio)
  • Collect X Gloom Wolf Hair. (Banish gloom wolves)
  • Craft X Workbench. We need more space to work! (Workshop)

Mission: 5 of 10 – Dirty Work
  • Have X Bars of Soap. (Ask Friends)
  • Craft X Cotton Cloth to dry off! . (Studio)
  • Water X Saplings. Maybe the forest scent will rub off on Ulrich? (Buy Market, if needed)

Mission: 6 of 10 - Stuffed Shirt
  • Craft X Dye. (Studio)
  • Craft X Knife- for cutting fabric! (Workshop)
  • Craft X Wool Tunic. (Studio)

Mission: 7 of 10 - Ruffled Feathers
  • Have X Pink Lace for the frills. (Ask Friends)
  • Tend X Flowers. Some petals for the trim!
  • Craft X Leather Pants. (Studio)

Mission: 8 of 10 - Stomping Grounds
  • Craft X Buttons. (Studio)
  • Clear X Grass so George can test their stompin' power! (Buy more in the Market – Nature section)
  • Have X Rubies. Gem-encrusted boots! (Mine rocks for a change at finding rubies)

Mission: 9 of 10 - A Weighty Problem
  • Have X Clothespins. (Ask Friends)
  • Consume X Carrot Cake so the Duke has less temptation around. (Craft and use from the inventory)
  • Craft X Cotton Leggings. (Studio)

Mission: 10 of 10 - Going Global
  • Craft X Parchment for fliers. (Studio)
  • Craft X Exploration Crystals - to spread the word we have to explore the world! (Workshop)
  • Earn X Reputation - a little fame always helps! (Reputation has a max of 100. If you've reached the limit, spend some so you can earn more.)

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