Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Castleville: Free Spirit Unicorn Official Guide

  Official Guide   
Save the Spirit Unicorn! Every time you summon one of the Unicorn Mages, and finish the associating quest with it, you'll receive some pretty amazing prizes! Check out the OFFICIAL SHORT GUIDE below to learn more.

Invocation Statue
With each Unicorn Mage that assists in releasing the Spirit Unicorn from Faugrimm's clutches, the Invocation Statue will grow stronger! Each Unicorn increases the Castle points that it gives. Complete more quests to release the Spirit Unicorn and increase the Invocation Statue's Castle points!

Unicorn Mages
In order to gather the Unicorn Mages, Alastair suggests crafting items that have similar magic to what each Unicorn uses. These can be crafted in the Studio, Kitchen, and Workshop with each item's point level varying from +1 to +6 (seen in the image below). Craft the higher items to fill up each bar the quickest and get your rewards fast!

Generosity Unicorn
Craft 15 Points worth of Unicorn Tarts from the Kitchen

Wisdom Unicorn
Craft 24 Points worth of Star Jars from the Studio

Courage Unicorn
Craft 30 Points worth of Medals of Honor from the Workshop

Happiness Unicorn
Craft 40 Points worth of Glee Spice from the Kitchen

Creativity Unicorn
Craft 62 Points worth of Craft Palettes from the Studio

Hope Unicorn
Craft 75 Points worth of Half-Full Glasses from the Workshop

Friendship Unicorn
Craft 100 Points worth of Friendship Bracelets from the Studio

The quest shows that I earned a Statue, where is it?
With each quest you complete to free the Spirit Unicorn, the level of Castle points that your Invocation Statue give will increase. The Statue's appearance also progresses as you slowly release the Spirit Unicorn from Faugrimm's evil schemes.

I'm crafting items but not noticing any progress on the bar, why not?
Some bars require more points than others, and their progress may not be as evident. (Crafting higher recipes will show more progress as well.) To check your progress, hold the mouse over the bar to see your current total.

The craftable magic items are no longer in the Crafting Building, why not?
Once you finish crafting the items needed to summon a specific Unicorn, these items will be removed, and later replaced with items for the next Unicorn that uses that Crafting Building. All items will be removed once the quest line is finished or expires.

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