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Castleville Guide: The Book of Sinister Schemes, Part 1


The Book of Sinister Schemes, Part 1

Alastair is delving into Faugirmm's Book of Sinister Schemes!
Have The Book of Sinister Schemes and be level 30.

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Look Beyond - The Book of Sinister Schemes, Part 1: 1 of 10
And there! Excellent, now let's see what Faugrimm has been planning...
Have 6 Lenses so Alastair can cover his eyes. The Book has been spitting at him while he reads.
Hint: Ask your friends for Lenses.
Have 10 Wool to clean up after the Book. It's left quite a mess in Alastair's study...
Hint: Tend adult Sheep to get Wool.
Craft 1 Purity Talisman so Alistair is protected from any curses. We don't want a repeat of last time!
Hint: Craft Purity Talismans in the Studio.
Look Beyond - The Book of Sinister Schemes, Part 1: 2 of 10
Well done, but it appears there may be more to this spell than meets the eye. Keep working while I try to decipher more of this sinister Book.
Have 40 Farm Plots in your Kingdom so you can produce enough food for your Kingdom.
Hint: Buy Farm Plots from the Market if you need more.
Harvest 30 crops in your Kingdom to prepare for the worst.
Hint: Click on Crops once they are ready to Harvest them.
Craft 2 Leather so Alastair can tie the Book shut. It's been screaming at him.
Hint: Craft Leather at the Studio.
Look Beyond - The Book of Sinister Schemes, Part 1: 2 of 10
Your efforts are sure to put Faugrimm in his place. Keep it up! I'm just a few quick spells away from unlocking his evil Book.
Craft 1 Corn Dog. They keep well in case of the worst
Hint: Corn Dogs at the Kitchen.

Have 7 Sticks of Butter so the Duke will stop hyperventillating.
Hint: Craft Butter at the Kitchen. The Duke can't survive without it!
Tend 20 houses to let people know they need to stock up!
Hint: Click on houses to tend them.
Look Beyond - The Book of Sinister Schemes, Part 1: 4 of 10
What's this? Oh no... surely Faugrimm isn't planing to...
Have 4 Kitchens in your Kingdom.
Hint: Build 3 Kitchens in your Kingdom to make the Fourth one appear in the Market.
Tend 5 Kitchen Support buildings to increase your supplies.
Hint: The Mill, Bakery and Butcher are all Kitchen Support Buildings.
Alastair needs you to harvest 20 Tomatoes to break the next seal on the Book. Don't ask...
Hint: Plant Tomatoes and harvest them when they are ready.
Look Beyond - The Book of Sinister Schemes, Part 1: 5 of 10
Quickly your majesty, there isn't a moment to lose. Every second brings Faugrimm one step closer to his plan!
A drought is coming! Craft 2 Kegs to fill with water.
Hint: Craft Kegs in the Workshop.
Have 5 Water Pumps in your Kingdom to make sure all your subjects have access.
Hint: Buy Water Pumps in the Market (suggested) or craft them in the Workshop.
This whole ordeal is too much for the Duke to handle. Craft 3 Chocolate Bars to calm his nerves.
Hint: Craft Chocolate Bars in the Kitchen.
Look Beyond - The Book of Sinister Schemes, Part 1: 6 of 10
Your preparation is going well. Continue on your current path. I will consult Faugrimm's vile Book once more and see if I can learn anything else.
Water! We're going to need lots of it! Get 25 Pails of Water.
Hint: Collect Pails of Water from Ponds by Fishing in them.
Have 10 Moat or River Tiles in your Kingdom.
Hint: Purchase River or Moat tiles in the Market
Maybe we can store some water in one of Giovanni's fish bowls. Craft 1 Infinity Fish Bowl.
Hint: Craft an Infinity Fish Bowl at a Studio.
Look Beyond - The Book of Sinister Schemes, Part 1: 7 of 10
Whew, well that took some doing, but I finally have some more information. It seems that a drought was only part of Faugrimm's plan...
We're going to need all the containers we can get! Have 7 Flasks to hold water in.
Hint: Ask friends for Flasks.
Buy 4 Troughs for your Kingdom's animals. They'll need water too!
Hint: Purchase Troughs from the Market.
Tend 25 Animals in your Kingdom to make sure they can handle the stress of a drought!
Hint: Tend animals by clicking on them.
Look Beyond - The Book of Sinister Schemes, Part 1: 8 of 10
Fantastic, those supplies will be extremely helpful. No time to rest though, we need to gather more!
Have a Storage Cellar at level 3 or higher to have room to put everything when the Gloom Storm comes.
Hint: Upgrade your Cellar by gathering all the supplies and clicking on it.
Tend 15 Royal Buildings to see if they can take a pummeling form the Gloom Storm.
Hint: Tend Royal Buildings by clicking on them.
Craft 15 Wood Planks to board up all the windows in your Kingdom!
Hint: Craft Wood Planks at the Workshop!
Look Beyond - The Book of Sinister Schemes, Part 1: 9 of 10
Each one of your actions is a blow to Faugrimm's plan. With any luck we'll make it through this with but a scratch to show form it.
Craft 3 8 Bags of Nails to help board everything up.
Hint: Craft Bags of Nails in the Workshop after you build a Blacksmith.
Have 10 Glass to fix any windows that break during the storm.
Hint: Collect Glass from the Glass Blower or craft it in the Studio after you build a Jeweler's Shoppe.
Have 8 Old Socks to make a weather vane out of. That way you'll see the storm coming!
Hint: Ask friends for Old Socks.
Look Beyond - The Book of Sinister Schemes, Part 1: 10 of 10
The Gloom has shrouded many things in your Kingdom - treasure, subjects… and me, of course.
Have 20 Stone Blocks in case you need to make repairs to buildings.
Hint: Craft Stone Blocks in the Workshop.
Craft 4 Mortar so you can repair any broken walls.
Hint: Craft Mortar in the Studio.
Plant 7 Saplings to replace any trees that might get uprooted.
Hint: Buy Saplings from the Market.

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